TurkTechNet is a New York based non-profit organization dedicated to elevate Turkish entrepreneurs, technology startups and investors to the level of global competition.

In response to their pressing needs to gain access to global capital resources and know- how by Turkish startups, TurkTechNet was launched by leading Turkish government officials, businesses, entrepreneurs, academicians and investors based in New York.

The effort is led by Turkish Commercial Attache Serhan Kara, with full-support and engagement from Turkish Consul General, Levent Bilgen.

The organization's main goals are:

  1. For Turkish Entrepreneurs : Encourage Turkish entrepreneurs by broadening their vision and providing them with access to global capital and know-how.
  2. For Global investors : Promote a global interest in Turkish technology startups and entrepreneurs, and provide global investors with a chance to come into contact with more Turkish startups to create investment opportunities.
  3. For The Turkish Startup Ecosystem : Encourage and educate the early-stage Turkish investment community through global exposure and facilitate the creation of a healthy, strong and long-term Turkish entrepreneur/investor ecosystem that is well positioned for integration into the global technology markets.

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