How much does it cost to apply and participate in this trip for a startup?

It's all free for startups to apply and participate, thanks to our sponsors and supporters.

What kind of startups can apply?

Technology, internet, mobile and other technology-related startups can apply. We will widen the scope to other fields in later trips.

I have an idea, can I apply?

No, only startups with two or more people with a real company and a real product or service can apply.

What is the selection criteria for startups?

  1. The startup MUST BE at a "fundable" stage by investors.
  2. There MUST BE A WORKING PROTOTYPE/PRODUCT that can be demonstrated during the interviews.
  3. Revenue is not required, but a business model IS REQUIRED (a verifiable plan to make money is required).
  4. The startup co-founders MUST BE working on the company FULL-TIME.
  5. The startup MUST have at least one technical co-founder.

How will the selection process be carried out?

Startups will apply to the program online. Selected finalists will attend a final selection day in Istanbul. Judges made up of active early-stage technology investors will make the final selections after interviews with the finalist startups.

How many founders from each startup will go to New York?

1 founder per startup, total of 10 founders.

I already raised money for my startup, can I still apply?


I don't have a technical co-founder but I will find someone soon, can I apply?

No. You need to have a technical co-founder when you apply to the program.

I still have a full-time job but if I get funding, I will leave my job and work on my startup full-time, can I apply?


I am a student and I have more than one year of school to graduate, can I apply?


I am an early-stage investor, how can I be involved with this project?

Please contact us at info@TurkTechNet.org and we will contact you.

How can I sponsor this project?

Please contact us at info@TurkTechNet.org for sponsorship inquiries.

Can I get a specific benefit if I become a sponsor of the project?

We will work hard to accommodate our sponsors, please contact info@TurkTechNet.org to speak further.

I don't have a startup or I don't want to be a sponsor, but I want to be involved with this project, how can I help?

We need help in many different areas. Please contact us at info@TurkTechNet.org with your skill set and how you would like to help and we will get back to you quickly.

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